Feby Francois

Life gets complicated - but the choice to insure it is simple.

Hi! I'm Feby Francois. I've been fortunate to have hundreds of conversations with fun, hardworking and smart clients over the years. What I've found is that there are varying degrees of insurance knowledge, both from consumers and insurance agents... specifically in two areas: How to properly select an insurance policy and How to best handle a bad situation (claim). Mainly because we rarely, if ever, use it. Insurance can seem confusing. But once you understand the different types of coverages that make up a policy. It's not difficult at all. We empower our clients through a systematic approach. And we are right along with you the entire way to answer questions and address key strategies. Our professional resources are unmatched in an industry built on quantity not quality. We believe we can provide quality solutions to the people willing to have conversations.

About Feby

I am a Financial professional at Pinnacle Leadership Development, Everything I know was taught to me by my mentor and friend, Michael Cherniawski. With over 10 years of industry experience, Michael has built a name and reputation that is second to none in the world of insurance.

My Skills and Experiences

“Always do the right thing for the client”. I realize that insurance is a readily available commodity, so I strive to go the extra mile for my clients. Our business has been successful in large part due to the support of our clients. About 85% of our new business is referrals from our current clients. If you’d like to be treated like part of the family, swing on by or give us a call today!

Dreams and goals

I enjoys trying new things (Archery, anyone?) my vison is to have 20 offices nationwide in the next 5 years, to help 20 individuals to make at least 6 figures, and we'll help millions of families in the process.


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